Watch out! Jumpgate Rant:

I really wish people would spend less time bitching about patch 1.0037 and just play the friggin game.

Yeah, there are balance issues that need to be addressed – in the last couple of days, we’ve seen a major outbreak in Wynar’s Syndrome.

I guess I should stop reading Gossip’s Planet Jumpgate and 3DO’s JG-BBS for a while, but I’m looking for some RP news stuff. Some reason I should bother logging some flight hours this week.

I also wish 3DO had kept a couple more of the GMs – Yes, I think GM_Mother is doing a kick ass job under the circumstances, but there is only so much on person can do. Just imagine what his inbox must look like. Scary.

Over Worked and Underpaid / Under appreciated. I know what that’s like. It sucks.

Why did I post this here instead of on JG-BBS or PJG? Because I didn’t feel like it.


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Testing something…

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5 thoughts on “Watch out! Jumpgate Rant:”

  1. yea, I don’t blame you, you probably will get a few more sane/non-flamers here than on PJG or JG-BBS. god its getting bad there in some of the threads 🙁

  2. It kinda like a bad drug, To watch all those flames going on. You dont want to read em’ But you dont want to miss out on something eiter… well maybe its just me.

  3. #2 Tell me about it Drizzt. Do you think it would help things if there were more of a ND/3DO presence? Personally, I would rather have them working on getting the problems with the patch sorted out (based on some of the EU feedback – objective feedback that is) instead of wading through the pile of cr*p on the boards.

    Why did G-Bob leave again?

    #2 Yes it is, I keep reading them (I can’t help it) mostly because of the one or two jewels of a post that crop up. And I’m playing an OCT who *ISN’T* bitching about the upcoming patch.

    Game balance is a tricky thing to maintain, especially when the feature set continues to expand. I Think ND is doing a bang up job – and 3DO would be too if there were more folks there. GM_Mother btw, I think is kicking ass, considering.

    Okay – maybe I should be posting to the JG-BBS and PJG boards, but I dont really feel like adding more fuel to the fire. I just konw *someone* will point out the “fact” that my opinion isn’t valid since I don’t do much PvP and I have yet to fly a ‘nix outside of the sim.

    I’m getting what I want out of JG right now – so I am happy. Yeah, there are things I’d like to see changed of fixed, but I send that stuff in to ND/3DO (I refuese to call them NDO – they are to distinct companies…) via email instead of whining about how if this-or-that isn’t fixed RIGHT NOW I’m leaving, I just don’t think that latter course of action is very constructive.

    edit: I’d ask for a spellchecker again, but it wouldn’t ahve cought taht typo… maybe I should jsut learn to type.

    (yes those were intentional – that’s how I type most of the time, I’ve begun to rely too much on my spellchecker)

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  4. See, what gets me is WHY? The devs arent’ idiots, they new what the reaction to the bombers would be….i mean, they DID know right?

    They DO realize the Octs got the shaft right?

    So, you have to assume they did it on purpose, but we need some kind of why. I think it might be to force the Octs into exploration…BUT if the artifacts only work on the 1 players ship….what’s the point? If on the other hand, we can find stuff that leads to better overall technology for the Octs, that would rule. All I want to hear from ND is whether or not the artifacts simply help the ship their on, or if they can be turned in for the greater good. Oh, and why they don’t care about the economy 🙂

  5. #4

    Do you want the devs to just come out and say:
    “Yes, go exploring it will unlock cool stuff for you guys.” and “Such-and-such new thingy will allow you to do ‘X’ – but you have to go find it… by the way its in that new sector we created.”

    Or do you want to go exploring and find out for yourself if it will help the faction or not, and discover some cool new thingy floating in space and try to figure out what it does.

    I’d rather trust that the dev’s know what they’re doing, and that the reasons behind why things are a certian way will be revealed in the context of the story, and through good RP.

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