Jun 10th 2002, 22:47 GMT

Suddenly it hits me

An old friend from High School is in town this week. Several of us that still keep in touch took the opportunity to have an impromptu get-together on Saturday. (Zhaneel, that would be why we didn’t make it to Gaskell’s – that and we forgot it was this past weekend.)

It was pretty cool to see Ed again. He’s a first year teacher at a small High School in Wisconsin, and he and his wife just bought a house. (I’m not even going to talk about that. Us west-coasters were quite jealous.)

Anyway, as we were hanging out in the living room of his parent’s house playing catch-up, exchanging palm apps (geeks, each and every one), and watching the Redwings, Hurricaines (3OT Oy!) — I had an epiphany: We were all adults. Married, or engaged (‘cept one couple – but I expect that to be changing soon…) some of us with babies, or expecting. Most out of school, and in our carreers.

Well duh – of course we are all adults. Have been for several years according to US law. But, I don’t usually think of myself as an adult. Adults are those people I work with, the people I pass on the street, or my parents, or my friend’s parents. I’m just me. Not an adult – not a kid – just me.


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