Jun 27th 2002, 17:33 GMT

just learned that a 25 mega-ton blast centered on his house would, infact destroy the Greater San Fancisco Bay Area.


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does another test

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2 thoughts on “Jun 27th 2002, 17:33 GMT”

  1. OMG. That’s a GREAT tool!!!!!

    I chose #4 Embarcadero Plaza in SF, for a general idea of what would happen if they bombed SF (I live in Hayward)

    -For a 1 Megaton surface blast, I’m nowhere near close enough to worry about the bomb, but I’d better move out fast, since everything between the city and the hills behind my apt will be LETHALLY irradiated for the next 10 years or so. 🙁

    -For a 25 Megaton air blast, 5-10% of all Hayward residents are dead, with an additional 40-45% injured. I don’t even wanna THINK about fallout.

  2. I noticed that they didn’t have a fallout map for the 25 Megaton blast. I’m thinkning state line…

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