Jul 10th 2002, 00:50 GMT

I was just about to post to the GLUE board about broken RSS feeds when I noticed that there was anotehr XML graphic on (almost) every page. one for RSS .92 and one for RSS 1.0 – So that’s why my feeds broke – Gossip went and changed their URIs on me. 😛

Guess I should pay more attention to the changelog.

(edited for clarity)

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proof-read, damnit proof-read. gah!

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Jul 9th 2002, 23:28 GMT

New CSS Tutorial: Web Page Reconstruction with CSS: “Although spilling into July a bit, Digital Web has one more tutorial for its June CSS theme. Web Page Reconstruction…”

I’m going to be looking over this tutorial when I have a chance to see if it can help with some of the IE rendering bugs I encountered with the redesign of my website

thinks he should find something else to write blog entries on.

Everyone is probably sick of hearing about my cats.