Jul 18th 2002, 17:07 GMT

I tend to listen to CNET Radio in the mornings on my way to work. They also stream thier broadcast online, (www.cnetradio.com) which means I can listen to them in the office – since radio reception is not too good.

Anyway, thier about to do a segment on weblogs, I’m going to be calling in to talk about G-Blog.net

(I added this to the Art section to make sure it was near the top of the main page. In case the CNET folks take a peek while on the air.)

Update: I’m pulling this out of the Art section since Gossip has added something about it to the Announcements


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4 thoughts on “Jul 18th 2002, 17:07 GMT”

  1. CNET also does this thing called “Free Plug Friday” where you can call in and plug a website or business you really like. Been thinking about trying to do that, but when I heard they were doing a segment on the subject, I knew I had to do it.

    I think I was the only person that called in, got to talk for a couple of minutes – it was cool.

  2. We’re not allowed to stream music or live news broadcasts at work.

    I have the feeling that it was tolerated until someone abused it, therefore penalizing everyone. Still makes me mad when I think about it.


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