I think I have to be an adult now.

In addition to being married, having a steady job, regular bills, a home (an apartment, anyway,) and several friends who have started families, I have one more thing to add to my list of “come on, face it, you’re an adult now – NO NEVER!” list.

Today I turn 25.

I was curious to see what notable figures I share a birthday with. Here are a few that jumped out at me:

1932 Little Richard [Wayne Penniman] — Macon GA, rocker (Tutti Frutti, Lucille)
1901 Werner Heisenberg — German physicist/discovered uncertainty (Nobel 1932)
1901 Walter Elias Disney — Chicago IL, animator (Mickey Mouse)
1839 George Armstrong Custer — Major General (Union volunteers, of Little Big Horn fame)

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4 thoughts on “I think I have to be an adult now.”

  1. In case anyone cares, my Birthdate/Birthtime was: 01:06:00 Tue Dec 06 1977 GMT

    This translates to: 18:06 Mon Dec 05 19977 US/Mountain

    Edited on Dec 5th 2002, 20:10 by Hooloovoo

  2. Well I told you in person, but happy belated b-day here.. 🙂

    um, and you are an ADULT!!! You hafta pay adult prices at a movie theater and you’re too tall to ride the kiddie rides at great america. Just face it.. you are an adult!!

    But on another note.. yer list of things that supposedly make one an adult.. I think there are far too many (we’ll include the kids part in the list too) who have all those things.. and should be more like an adult, and are pretty damn far from it. Whether you like to admit it or not, yer more of an “adult” than a lot of people out there.. even at only 25.. and even while you have blue hair!!!!

    So just admit it, and be proud of it, cuz yer doing a good job, maybe even write a book about it.. cuz gawd knows we need more self help books… or maybe we need more literate people. Who knows

  3. It’s equaly impossible to determine the age of Schrodinger’s cat, even if we knew it’s birthday. Until we let it out of it’s box, it is neither living nor dead. I am curretnly unwilling to open the box, as I’m afraid of what that stench might be…

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