Just got this announcement in my Inbox:


W3C switched today its home page to a full CSS layout instead of the
previous table-based one. See:

The techniques used in this layout has been documented at:
It is basically realized through the float property.

As you may know, using CSS for horizontal layout has some important
– respect of the HTML semantics (tables are really for tabular data)
– better accessibility
– better device scalability

The downside is that some non-CSS2 aware browsers do not render it as
intended; the page keeps completely readable though.

The W3C Communication Team is interested in hearing comments on this
change on the publicly archived mailing-list site-comments@w3.org

Kinda cool

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5 thoughts on “Just got this announcement in my Inbox:”

  1. Interesting….. I can’t imagine how to even begin doing layout with CSS, honestly. I’ve read about it a bit, but not a whole lot.

    I’m so behind in website design, it’s pathetic.

    But I love tables…. πŸ™‚


  2. I have just started to experiment with tables design and using CSS to do all the layout. i have managed to do a full width top section and 3 columns underneath. It is brilliant and once you get the hang of it, much easier than tables. CSS rocks πŸ™‚

  3. *sigh*

    I just don’t have enough time to learn about everything I want to learn about!! ARGH…. but continuing to put off learning new web techniques gets me waayyyyyyyyyyyyy behind…

    ah well…

  4. Don’t feel bad Entipy. I know jack sh*t about CSS, and I’m still relatively happy with the simple page I use for business.

    Of course, I’ve always been a substance/function over style/look/feel kind of person.

  5. [Quote] Of course, I’ve always been a substance/function over style/look/feel kind of person. [Quote]

    I like the smooth integration of all…. πŸ™‚

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