And from the ministry of the obvious…

The subject line of the latest piece of spam find its way into my work email box:

good sex is better than average sex lkw

Good thing somebody told me, I’ve had it backwards all these years…


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3 thoughts on “And from the ministry of the obvious…”

  1. I just realized what three categories I put this in… not a combo I would have expected, unless I worked for a pr0n site…

  2. I got one once: “Attract men with bigger breasts!”

    No matter how I parse that, it doesn’t sound appealing. =)

  3. You know, I’ve been thinking about this way too much, but I’ve concluded that good sex is not necessarily better than average sex.

    If we take “average” to mean “median”, then it could be the case that most people are having really good sex, in which case average sex is really good, which is better than just good sex.

    If we take “average” to mean “mean”, then you could have one couple out there who has really, really, monumentally good sex, the sort of sex about which books are written, sex that leaves everyone in a hundred-mile radius feeling spent, sex that moves mountains and reroutes rivers, They’d bring up the mean so far that average sex is pretty amazing. Then, good sex is worse then amazing sex, so it’s still not better than average.

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