Hooray for Delegation

I use this site’s URL (http://blog.hooloovoo.net) as my OpenID. One of the cool things about OpenID is that I don’t have to run my own OpenID server to use my own URL, I can delegate a server to do the “heavy lifting” for me. I actually have several identity providers available to me, Vox, MyOpenID, and even AOL, (not that I use my aim screen name much anymore.) I’ve pretty much been using MyOpenID as my delegate. That changed this morning. I have nothing against MyOpenID at all. I think they are a great provider. So why the change? I’m using VeriSign Labs new OpenID service because I can use my PayPal/eBay security key (otherwise known as a VIP Credential) as part of the authentication.

Multi-Factor authentication for the win!


I’m writing some quick and dirty (oh very dirty, I’m almost ashamed at how bad this PHP code I’m writing is…) web pages for a project at work.

One of them has a form that the user can either fill out and submit, or cancel. If the user clicks the cancel button, I’m firing a JavaScript function that will return the user to the index of the site.

The function name: nevermind()

I don’t know why that amuses me as much as it does.

That was fun

DreamHost recent made some cool changes to how they manage thier MySQL severs. I just sucessfully migrated 2 databases off of my old mysql server onto a new one, and in the process split one of the databases into 3 (which is what I wanted to do all along, but setting up seperate host names for each was kind of a pain) Now I can manage all of the databases I .. uhm … “use” … from one phpMyAdmin instance.

I even managed to switch which database my bad jokes page and my personal glue site (neither of which gets much traffic) are pointed to with no perceiveable interruption.

now – if I could only get off my ass enough to put the other sites that these databases are designed for together….

1px can be a big deal-breaker

It’s funny reading the back and forth on a couple of WordPress.com support threads and a bugzilla thread for Firefox as people try to blame FF for not rendering a workaround of an IE display bug in the style sheet for the default WordPress theme “correctly”.

The footer seems to be displayed one pixel to the left in IE 6 (probably a box model bug) so the “fix” was to add one pixel of left padding to the footer, thus forcing it over to the right. But then FF is now mis-aligned, since it was rendering it properly. (or rather started rending it properly sometime around 1.5 alpha)

I’ve hacked the css of the blog I’m setting up for a friend of mine to deal with the issue. It’s a quick and dirty hack (looks a bit like the box-model hack, actually) until I have some time to take a look at the theme files (and compare them to a “fixed” version of the theme someone has already released) to try and deduce what’s really going on.

(In all honesty, that will probably be “never”)

Still, I found it funny reading. If you would like to play along, enter the following terms into the google search engine: “firefox kubrick footer pixel shift ”

Whoa! Hooloovoo posted a new blog entry?! No way!

Good point about Spotlitght.

Simon Willison has a couple of observations related to one of the new features in OSX Tiger (10.4) Go read it, even if you aren’t a Mac user.

The first one sounds like a GREAT idea, I’d definately use them. The second one is an important warning. I guess it’s good that I use IMAP to access my email. I should probably go through and clean out all my inboxes anyway.

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