I’m writing some quick and dirty (oh very dirty, I’m almost ashamed at how bad this PHP code I’m writing is…) web pages for a project at work.

One of them has a form that the user can either fill out and submit, or cancel. If the user clicks the cancel button, I’m firing a JavaScript function that will return the user to the index of the site.

The function name: nevermind()

I don’t know why that amuses me as much as it does.

That was fun

DreamHost recent made some cool changes to how they manage thier MySQL severs. I just sucessfully migrated 2 databases off of my old mysql server onto a new one, and in the process split one of the databases into 3 (which is what I wanted to do all along, but setting up seperate host names for each was kind of a pain) Now I can manage all of the databases I .. uhm … “use” … from one phpMyAdmin instance.

I even managed to switch which database my bad jokes page and my personal glue site (neither of which gets much traffic) are pointed to with no perceiveable interruption.

now – if I could only get off my ass enough to put the other sites that these databases are designed for together….

1px can be a big deal-breaker

It’s funny reading the back and forth on a couple of support threads and a bugzilla thread for Firefox as people try to blame FF for not rendering a workaround of an IE display bug in the style sheet for the default WordPress theme “correctly”.

The footer seems to be displayed one pixel to the left in IE 6 (probably a box model bug) so the “fix” was to add one pixel of left padding to the footer, thus forcing it over to the right. But then FF is now mis-aligned, since it was rendering it properly. (or rather started rending it properly sometime around 1.5 alpha)

I’ve hacked the css of the blog I’m setting up for a friend of mine to deal with the issue. It’s a quick and dirty hack (looks a bit like the box-model hack, actually) until I have some time to take a look at the theme files (and compare them to a “fixed” version of the theme someone has already released) to try and deduce what’s really going on.

(In all honesty, that will probably be “never”)

Still, I found it funny reading. If you would like to play along, enter the following terms into the google search engine: “firefox kubrick footer pixel shift ”

Whoa! Hooloovoo posted a new blog entry?! No way!


I decided to log into gmail and see if I could reproduce this problem. (Sorry Fox, working fine for me…)

I just noticed that I have 50 invites to give away – (well actually 200, since I have 4 gmail addresses)

I get the reasoning behind the invites, (a way to ramp up the user-base for testing in a slow, meterable way to avoid flooding the system while still in development – oh yeah and a great way to generate word-of-mouth marketing/hype…) but what am I going to do with 200 invites? At this point, all my friends and family that want a gmail account has one.When is Gmail going to exit beta, or even just open up registration to anyone that wants an account?

I’m just wondering…

Magpie RSS Parser

I had a very basic RSS parser ripped from a tutorial somewhere powering the syndication of my g-blog posts on my own website:

I was never really happy with the code I had found, specifically the way it formatted the date. (I couldnt figure out how to get enything but the raw UTC timestamp from the DC:Date element of the feed items.)

Anyway, to make a long story short, I just rewrote my blog page using Magpie RSS as the feed parser. I’m much happier with the result, (and the php code that produced the result.)

Plus, if Gossip ever decides he’s bored and wants to start creating Atom feeds for G-blog, I can switch my input file with little or no effort. 🙂

(edit: preview damnit, preview!)

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