To Be Continued? Wha?

I just watched the Farscape series finale on the SciFi channel.

Now, I must admit, I never really followed the show that closely. But I did watch enough of it over the last few years to get the basic gist of what was going on.

Anyway – when the decision was made to end the series, you think they could have at least gone back to the editing room and removed the “To Be Continued” from the last shot of the episode. Seems like kind of a slap in the face to the loyal Farscape fans.

Or maybe I’m missing something.

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7 thoughts on “To Be Continued? Wha?”

  1. Sounds lame. Didn’t watch it or any other episodes, but I’ve heard a lot of people are really upset about it. And rightfully so, it seems.


  2. It’s a travesty the show was cancelled, but I’m sure people think that about all shows they enjoy which eventually come to their demise.

    I think they did the “To be continued” thing on purpose, Hool… just to piss us off… or to say the legend will continue in its own right… or to possibly keep it open in case – due to the huge amount of fans who don’t wish the show to end (there is supposed to be a site here: Save Farscape, but it won’t load for me.) – they reinstate it.

    At any rate, the show ended with my mouth agape and pissed-offedness flowing through my veins.

  3. Lol I laughed my ass off when they had the To be continued thing up there. It was so freaking hilarious. As an avid fan of it, I did follow it, and that was their brand of comedy.

  4. [Quote] As an avid fan of it, I did follow it, and that was their brand of comedy. [Quote]

    Yeah, and they SUCK… LOL Typical….

    I wish miraculously the show WOULD come back… alas.. I’m sure it will not. *sigh*

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