hasn’t felt much like posting lately, but he is still lurking about and commenting here and there. He’s probably not going to be posting much for the next couple of weeks as he steps up his search for a new job.

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5 thoughts on “Lurker”

  1. are you officially not working then? Or are you still semi employed?

    I feel badly that you’re going to be workless, but happy that you had such a long run at [your current company].here’s to hoping you’ll find an even better job soon. 🙂

    Edited on May 20th 2003, 21:24 by Hooloovoo ( moderator)

  2. I still have my job, but I want to make sure I have something else lined up before my time with my current employer comes to an end.

    BTW, I edited your comment to remove my current employer’s name. I did so for a few reasons. The main one was to help protect myself, (and my employer,) because I’ve ranted about work related goings-on here in the past. I’ve intentionally kept some details of those posts vague. There have been instances (including one here on where people have lost thier jobs, or a potential contract, because of comments found in thier blog entries.

    I hope you understand.

    Edited on May 20th 2003, 17:30 by Hooloovoo

  3. totally do. didn’t even think about it while commenting. Feel free to edit away…maybe you could put in ‘your current company’ instead of leaving it with a run-on weird sentence???

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