Order of the Phoenix

While I’m here, trying to get caught up on some of the blogs I used to read on a daily basis, my wife is in the other room reading the new Harry Potter book.

The continuous clicking of the clock above the computer, and my occasional typing followed by silence as I read is currently being supplemented by bursts of laugher coming from the other room. Perhaps I should take some time to get caught up on the series so I can find out what’s so funny.

One reading project at a time, I’m still trying to catch up on my blogs.

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5 thoughts on “Order of the Phoenix”

  1. FanBoy is really about laughing/crying while reading.

    And we’re not caught up yet, so no biggie.


  2. Hey Hoo, how is the new Potter book? Good/bad/ok*? I just finished reading the first one.. Enjoyed it a lot 😀

  3. Hey petrol,

    I’ve only read the first two so far myself – but my wife thinks the new potter book is pretty good. (She finished it Sunday evening)

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