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I love this stuff. When I was a kid, I remember walking to the corner store with my mom and sister to get a bottle of soda (pop, carbonated sugar water, whatever you call it in your region) as a treat. I always got the same flavor: Blue Bubblegum.

I couldn’t tell you the brand of soda that it was, thats not improtant. This was something that I had entirely forgotten about until a couple of years ago, when I discovered Jones Soda. I saw bottles of thier blue bubblegum on the shelf of a Vietnamese market in San Jose. The memory came rushing back, and I just HAD to buy some. I still treat myself to one from time to time, and I’ve even branched out into some of thier other flavors – but the blue bubblegum is still my favorite. Not for the flavor, (or even the color, whatever my wife may say,) but for the memory it evokes.

One of the cooler things about Jones, (besides the blue bubblegum,) is thier labels. They’re always changing. Jones accepts photo submissions for use on thier labels. I always thought it would be cool to submit a few photos, so tonight I finally did.

Now, for the shamless plug: Please vote for my photo submissions. A good rating will help increase the chances it gets picked for a label. 🙂

Update: I just added a few more photos. Here are all the links:
Photo 206796
Photo 206815
Photo 206816
Photo 206817

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