Spaced Penguins

I’ve been looking for this flash game since I saw Pya!… For some reason I was convinced “Kevin” was a chicken, not a penguin. So I ws looking for AstroChicken or something similar. (Anyone familiar with Dyson?)

SO around a bout the time I gave up looking I found it: [Link]

Funny how that works some times.

(Be warned the game is VERY addictive.)

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5 thoughts on “Spaced Penguins”

  1. Dude. I played this game a few years ago. Loved it. There was one level with two planet things on it and I had my little penguin dude in like a permanent orbit. Great stuff.

  2. I played it a few years ago too, and I couldn’t remember why I took it out of my bookmarks, so I decided to go looking for it again.

    (I remember now – it’s a huge time sink)

    simpsone, have you seen this one? Doom Funnel Chasers same idea – (same code base even) new levels and a new “story”.

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  3. I landed a sick orbit my first try of the last level a couple of days ago. I was in the daily top scores list.

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