Too bad I didnt’ see this yesterday.

I would have bought something on thinkgeek just to get this shirt:

]The Magic Supersecret Binary T-Shirt

10111000001110000011 0010101100100001000
000 011010010110111001101011010001110110
010101100101011010110010000 001101111011
1010010110 11000010000001000110011011110
1101111011011000111001100100000010 00100
10110111001100100 0010000001100001011011
000101110011001000000111 010001101000011
1101010 11100110111100100100000011100110
1101000011010010111001001110100 00100001

In order to save you the time to google a binary to ascii converter, (since I already did it) look behind the spoliers tag
[Spoilers] I shopped at ThinkGeek on April Fools Day, and all I got was this lousy shirt! [/Spoilers]

Man, I gotta post more…

I’m about to get bumped out of the top 5: [Link]

Last few weeks have been kinda hectic – been helping people move, been trying to meet quarter-end goals at work, been trying to get the apartment cleaned before Jenny starts nesting, been trying to find Duckling’s heartbeat with this little microphone thing a friend gave us.

I don’t feel so bad about that loast one, the doctor had some trouble finding it with the medical grade doppler at our (Jenny’s) last prenatal visit. In case you were wondering, everything is still a-ok. We may even be able to find out the gender soon.

This is just about the end of week 19. Almost 1/2 way there!