Too bad I didnt’ see this yesterday.

I would have bought something on thinkgeek just to get this shirt:

]The Magic Supersecret Binary T-Shirt

10111000001110000011 0010101100100001000
000 011010010110111001101011010001110110
010101100101011010110010000 001101111011
1010010110 11000010000001000110011011110
1101111011011000111001100100000010 00100
10110111001100100 0010000001100001011011
000101110011001000000111 010001101000011
1101010 11100110111100100100000011100110
1101000011010010111001001110100 00100001

In order to save you the time to google a binary to ascii converter, (since I already did it) look behind the spoliers tag
[Spoilers] I shopped at ThinkGeek on April Fools Day, and all I got was this lousy shirt! [/Spoilers]

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3 thoughts on “Too bad I didnt’ see this yesterday.”

  1. Heheheheh. I got the mailer as well but the import charges to the UK on clothes are extortionate. But I’d have paid for that 😀 Nice!

  2. Yeah, I ordered my code monkey tee, an “I {heart} my geek” tee for Jaye and a geek-in-training tee for Cam, and we got a call from the duty guys when the package arrived in the UK. They’d return it if we didn’t pay something like twenty quid. Duty on clothes is absurd 🙁

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