Small Scare

Saturday night, Jenny and I did not have a nice peaceful dinner at home like we planned. Instead, we discovered just how long it takes to drive from home to the hospital we’re planning to deliver in. (About 25 minutes door-to-door in medium-light traffic.) We also got a “dry-run” of the check-in procedure and a look at the birthing center. All very good things. I just wish we hadn’t have needed to do all that this weekend.

The sudden change in plans was brought on by some abnormal bleeding. When Jenny called the after-hours number for her OB-GYN, they wanted her to come down immediately for an evaluation. We were worried, (obviously) but the hospital staff was wonderful, everything worked out, and mom and baby are both okay.

I feel really good about the place – and the doctor – we’ve picked out.

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3 thoughts on “Small Scare”

  1. Glad everything is cool.

    OTOH, that sounds like something pretty good to plan checking up on.


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