Taking back my inbox

I’ve finally gotten fed up with the bounceback spam to my domain email account. I took steps that I should have taken a long time ago, namely setting up my mail server to only allow messages sent to specific addresses to reach my inbox.

The reason I waited so long is that I tend to use a unique address whenever I sign up for somthing online. (It’s actually helped me ID a site that resold thier mailing list – naughty naughty.) I just went through my old mail and came up with 75 different addresses that I would potentially want to receive messages to. Not as bad as I thought. So I’ve set those up on my mail server and I’m currently sending everything else (*@) to my gmail account. I’ll spend a couple of weeks monitoring that box to see if there are any addresses that I missed before I set *@ up to bounce.

Now I’ll finally know how little email I actually get. :p

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5 thoughts on “Taking back my inbox”

  1. I do that too…

    Although, to mitigate the sense of how little email I get, I am on a number of mailing lists.

  2. you’d get more email if you didn’t tell your friends to post to g-blog instead of emailing you *wink*

  3. @2 I’m not really relying on the g-mail spam filter. I’m just using the account as a temporary dumping ground to make sure I haven’t missed any addresses I want to allow.

    @3 yeah well – most of the reason I said post to g-blog was because email account was all but unusable because of bounceback spam. That should change now. The downside is that you can’t just make up a silly email address to reach me. However, anythingfunky@ will get delivered, as will your nickname for me from high school. (As well as a few other funky names.)

  4. about that nickname–my sis just found a letter i wrote to eric in which i referred to you as such. i was amused. 🙂

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