The Home Stretch

At our most recent appointment, (I’ve only missed one so far) the OBGYN informed us that while she’d prefer at least one more week, she’s comfortable with delivering the baby should Jenny go into labor at any point moving forward. She’s also comforable inducing at this point if there are signs of fetal distress.

“The only reason you’re still pregnant at this point is becuase both you and the baby are doing fine.” I believe was what she said. (The “You” in this case obviously being Jenny. My health, while important, has no direct affect on the course of the pregnancy.)

So the doctor is ready. Jenny’s almost ready (I think she’s tired of being pregnant, but still feels like there are things we need to do.) I think I’m good to go (mostly.) We have a car seat, we have a crib, we have baby clothes, and blankets, and diaper wipes, (but we need diapers,) and what seems like a million other baby-type accessories. We finished lamaz, I’m taking an infant CPR class next Saturday, and the hospital bag is (almost) packed.

There is still a lot to do around the house. We’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that the crib is going to be in our room at first. The computer/craft/storage room is nowhere near ready to be called “nursery” but it’s (slowly) starting to get there.

The due date is still August 28th. (Actual delivery date subject to change with no notice. Most first babies are late.)
Jenny and I are hoping for at LEAST one more week (I’ve got CPR Sautrday, we have tickets to the Wierd Al concert next Sunday, and we still have stuff to do around the house before we’ll really feel ready.)
My mother is hoping Justin is born on, or before, the 23rd (She wants a Leo in order to complete her Fire-Sign Trinity. My Father was an Aries, and I’m a Sagittarius.)
I think it would be cool if Justin was born on his due date (as I was) since it’s not that common.
There have been several people (including our new upstairs neighbor) say that it doesn’t look like Justin’s going to wait for his due date. (Hey, the fire sign thing is pretty cool, too.)

I’m just rambling at this point. Excited and nervous and and a bit overwhelmed by how much we still need to get done.


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6 thoughts on “The Home Stretch”

  1. You’re so cute in dad mode!!!!!

    Way to go and luck to you, Jenny & Justin.

    I demand pictures (after the labor is complete, that is a PRIVATE experience).


  2. NO LABOR PICTURES, please.
    i saw both the natural thing and the c-section thing all within 20 minutes when our twins were born.
    once each is enough for me!

    good luck and have fun!

  3. It’s been requested that I not take ANY active labor pictures. Early labor (when we first get to the hospital and such) and post-delivery (after everyone has been cleaned up) pictures only.

    Pictures will be reviewed and posted. Only the cutest will be shared with the world. šŸ™‚

    Hooloovoo wonders if it would be possible to get ahold of a Random Pixel camera in time.

  4. i have friends that have several hours (hours!) of labor and delivery videos. they tried to show them one night and i told them i would never, ever be able to look them in the face again if i saw the wife splayed in bed that way.

    it was bad enough, when she was trying to get pregnant, to find her “womb temperature” chart on their fridge – and saw several days circled twice and three (three!) times.


  5. We have an ultrasound video (about 10 min) and some ultrasound print outs. We have shown those to friends and family but only after they requested to see them. (I did post an ultrasound pic to my blog, but stuck it behind spoilers tags.)

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