No, I am NOT "baby-sitting" him.

He’s my son, god-damnit.

Why do people use the term “baby-sitting” for a father who is watching/caring for thier newborn? Baby-sitting is what you do when it’s not your kid.

Despite the silly gas-station attendant, (who made the baby-sitting comment) Justin and I had a nice adventure today. I’d write more, but the point of this post was to vent a bit about the “baby-sitting”, and it sounds like Justin just woke up from his post-adventure nap.

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2 thoughts on “No, I am NOT "baby-sitting" him.”

  1. not to knock him, but sometimes i feel the time eric spends with robin IS babysitting, considering it doesn’t happen very often. it’s usually so i can get a rest before i go back to fulltime mommying.

    weekends are better, though, and they get to have more quality to their time together then

  2. 100% agree Hooloovoo. He’s your kid. You’re taking care of him. Not babysitting. Babysitting would indicate you get to give him back.


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