I suck

I haven’t posted any new pictures since mid-December. I should fix that one of these days. I’ve got a bunch of good holiday shots as well as some other random stuff floating around on my HD, backup CDs (from the computer migration), and camera.

I also haven’t written much about Justin and how he’s doing. (And how his parents are doing…) I feel like I really should be doing more of that.

how’s that for an entry (almost) completely void of content?

Edited on Jan 29th 2005, 17:20 by Hooloovoo

One more reason I love G-Blog

There has been a LOT of buzz the last couple of days about Google’s new “nofollow” link attribute intended to combat comment spam, including discussions about why it won’t help or how to abuse it.

I’m not going to link to any of the discussions here, but they’re easy to find. I just wanted to point out that I’ve never been comment spammed on G-Blog. Why? Becuase G-Blog requires you to have an account before you can leave a comment on a blog here, and if a spammer felt it was worth it to do so, I’m sure they’d get marked as a ‘bozo’ pretty quickly.

Just wanted to say thanks again to Gossip for building such an awesome site. 🙂

New system

after a couple of bumps (easily solved by replacing new IDE cable for the cd-r and dvd drives with one that works.) My new system is up and running. Now begins the long process of downloading and installing apps and patches, adn tweaking settings.

Firefox was first (after norton antivirus.) NWN and CoH are next up. (MMM 8 months of patches for an mmo over 56k…) I think I’ll be checking out open office as well as some other non-microsoft “productivity” apps.