The Cutest Thing

Justin is fascinated with the kittens, (For those that don’t know – that would be Briarwood and Agapantha – our 2 six-year-old Tabbys) and now that he is finally getting the concept of “gentle”, Pantha will actually let him pet her. (I still need to keep an eye on him when he does because he still has a tendency to grab her tail and try to pull her closer…)

Briar, on the other hand, is still very wary of the baby. (Excuse me, the toddler. He’s walking now.) Justin tries to get close to Briar and ends up following him around the living room and kitchen until Briar jumps the baby-gate to safety.

Justin was just doing that a few minutes ago actually, but I realized he wasn’t trying to pet Briar, Justin was trying to share one of his puffed grain baby finger-food snacks with him.

I guess he’s trying to make friends. It was too adorable. I just had to share.

(Too bad Briar isn’t interested in making new friends…)

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3 thoughts on “The Cutest Thing”

  1. cats are great teachers.
    ours taught our kids how to be calm and gentle and that you can’t make everyone happy. even if you try.

  2. That is very cute, thanks for sharing.

    I was actually “taught” how to crawl/walk by one of our household cats. I’d schooch and wriggle and eventually crawl and then figured out how to walk in my quest to pet the kitty, who usually just sat 10-15 feet away and moved when I was within 2 feet. The cat, however, figured out that he’d probably inadvertantly made me more mobile sooner than not, so the next three kids he just didn’t enter the same room to avoid that problem.


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