Such. A. Geek.

So I took a photo of Justin a couple of months ago where he had rolled over in his yellow ducky blanket in such a way that it looked like he was wearing a hooded cloak. A buddy of mine saw it and said, “I could totally PhotoShop a lightsaber into his hand…” He did, and went a little beyond that. He sent me the picture last week along with the layered file so I could tweak as needed for different print dimensions.

I printed a 4×7 for myself, and an 8×10 for my sister-in-law, who happens to be a Yoda fan. She says this is the best Yoda in her collection.

I contributed the original photo of Justin, and a re-worked his lightsaber’s blade effect. (The original had a core that was darker blue with a white glow.)

Kevin took the photos of Jenny and myself (from our wedding if I’m not mistaken) and created the montage, (or would this be a collage?) The Star Wars logo and artwork were gathered off the web, (and are used without permission… shhhh)

Justin is going to think we are total freaks when he is older. But that’s okay by me. 🙂

Anyway, I now present Padawan Justin:

(click thumbnail to be taken to larger image.)

(And yes, I know I STILL haven’t updated his gallery. I’m about 6 months behind at this point.)

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A Night at the Theatre

My mom and step-father gave my wife 2 tickets to the stage production of “The Lion King” in San Fancisco for Christmas. Last night was the show. It was Awesome.

We’ve both wanted to see this, ever since seeing a promo trailer on the big-screen at the back of the Disney Store at Newpark Mall. I was intreagued by the costume and set design even then. It was simply amazing how the show is put together.

I might try to write something more about it later, but I basically wanted to say Jenny and I had a wonderful time. If you ever have the opportunity to see this show – do it.

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more promise breaking linky-linky

a quick link to what looks like a very good color picker, which includes settings so you can see how some colorschemes would look to people with various types of color-blindness.

I need to find a the links I had to a couple of other resources like this and post them too.

Here’s the article i found that links to the above color [Link]

robably more to come

Tea Garden Photos

I finally got around to uploading a few photos, these were taken with my digital camera, I only photoshopped one image, can you guess which one? 🙂

I’ll be adding more images to that album, and creating a sister album for the botanical gardens once I get all my recently (and not so recently) exposed film.

I don’t think I’m done futzing around with the Buddha statue yet, but you should be able to get a general idea of what I’m going for.

I guess I should post the link before I forget

"Vertigo" Then and Now

I found this link during my morning blogrun (which happes just after my morning comicrun)

Originally found in Jeffery Zeldman’s Daily Report, I give you “Vertigo” Then and Now: Before and after images of San Francisco locations used in Hitchcock’s 1958 film masterpiece.

Considering I live and work near San Fancisco, and I recognize a few of these ladnmarks, (I don’t spend nearly as much time in The City as I probably should.) I think it’s really neat comparing stills from the movie with photos of thier present-day equivalents.

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Culled from the depths of Company-Bulk

Just found these neat little tidbits nestled down among the posts about looking for a new apartment, virtual yard sales, the latest episode of buffy, and a myriad of other random threads on my company’s internal message board:

Ascending and Descending

oops, looks like I missed one

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Flame Warriors

One of the moderators on another forum pointed this link out to me claiming it described the forum’s users perfectly. It’s a collection of characatures of many of the personalities one is likely to encounter online.

I’ve seen many of these archetypes myself. On mailing lists, on message boards, on community blog sites…