New system

after a couple of bumps (easily solved by replacing new IDE cable for the cd-r and dvd drives with one that works.) My new system is up and running. Now begins the long process of downloading and installing apps and patches, adn tweaking settings.

Firefox was first (after norton antivirus.) NWN and CoH are next up. (MMM 8 months of patches for an mmo over 56k…) I think I’ll be checking out open office as well as some other non-microsoft “productivity” apps.


Today I am 27

I’ve had a pretty good, yet mellow birthday.

Justin was cooperative enough to let Jenny and I sleep in a bit. Then his grandparents (Jenny’s mom and dad) came down to play with him while Jenny and I went to see a movie.

We were going to see “Finding Neverland”, but I got the showtimes mixed up and by the time we got to the theatre, we’d missed the first 20 minutes. So we decided to see “The Incedibles” instead. That also gave us enough time to space around the Bay Street shopping center a bit. We were in the Apple Store and I came very close to spending the money my grandfather sent me on an iPod Mini. My current plan is to put it towards the purchase of a new computer, but damn, the iPod is a sexy MP3 player.

The movie was really good, I enjoyed it a lot. Not going to go into much here, but the story is really well written in addition to some great animation. I think it’s my favorite Pixar film yet.

After the movie, Jenny and I went home and then out to dinner with my parents. I don’t remember if I’ve said this before, but Vo’s Restaraunt in San Leandro is terrrific. I’ve yet to have something there that wasn’t excellent.

Now we are home. Jenny has gone to bed, (she started getting a migraine while we were at dinner,) so I think Justin and I are gong to watch LXG which came in the mail via Netflix yesterday.

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Things I’ve Learned from Fatherhood – Week 1:

Justin has been with us a week as of today. Here are a few things I’ve learned about being a dad so far. (Some lessons just need to be learned the hard way.)

The first time your baby does anything, (even urinate on you,) it’s cute.
If you don’t find it cute, you’ll at least be relieved that all the plumbing is working.

By the fourth time, its no longer cute. It’s not a big deal either.

Baby’s poop. ALOT.

When you think it’s time to change a diaper, (unless you can see the mess already) wait 5 minutes, you’ll be glad you did.

Always have the clean diaper ready to go BEFORE you take the dirty one off.

If you have a little boy, position him so the “business” end is not pointed at you. (Don’t worry, he’ll manage to get you anyway.)

Happiness is a sleeping baby.

Take naps whenever you can, but don’t forget to let your wife take them too.

You can spend hours watching him sleep. (But this time might be better used for napping)

Don’t forget to make time for the other members of your household. (Your wife, the cats, the computer…)

If friends or family call wanting to know if you’re up for visitors, say yes. (Especially if they offer to go to the store for you.) You’ll be glad for the distraction, and they’ll understand when you need to kick them out.

When you go visiting, don’t forget to bring a change of clothes for yourself, too.

The “Pause” button is your friend. (I imagine TiVo would be too, if I had it.)

You will do alot of laundry.

No matter what you do, sometimes the baby just wants Mommy.

Don’t forget about day to day things: paying bills, checking the mail, cleaning the litterbox, grocery shopping.

It might be our turn.

Not to steal anyone’s thunder, but it looks like Justin might be saying hello to the world very soon. And on his due-date, no less. (Already taking after his dad, *dopeygrin*)

Jenny passed her mucous plug about 8:30am yesterday. She began having contractions around 1:00am this morning. Jenny called the birthing center, and we started timing them about 3:45 (as they began to get closer together.) It is now about 5:00am, and her contractions are currrently 15-20 minutes apart.

The hospital doesn’t want us to come in untill her contractions have been 5-6 minutes apart for an hour, or her water breaks, or if the baby appears to be distressed. None of those things has happened yet, so there isn’t much for me to do but push the button on the stopwatch when she says “I’m having another one” (which just happened – 11:12 need a few more data points to see if they’re really getting closer together or not.)

I don’t know whether or not I’ll have a chance to update this before we go to the hospital, but I’ll try to keep everyone informed.

I’m going to quit typing now and go give my wife some support and encouragement, (and a backrub.)

really wants to put this in announcements – but knows that’s category is for site/server related news.

I’m getting married in the morning…

well actually – the afternoon.

I’ve spent most of the day running around doing things to get ready (picking up tuxes, making sure everyone got to the rehearsal, etc.) We had the rehearsal and the dinner, and I’m still pretty calm. I don’t think I’m going to get nervous tomorrow – everything just feels right.

It still seems like things haven’t really sunk in yet. While I was standing in my place going over the pieces of the ceremony with the minister, Jenny, the groomsmen, the bridesmaids, our parents, and our readers – I still felt like I was just a stand-in for someone else. Tomorrow will be a different story, I’m sure.

I’m at my future in-laws’ house right now writing this, and then I’m going to go hang out with some friends, before getting a good night’s sleep so I’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed come tomorrow.

Anyway – I will not be blogging for a couple of weeks, since I will not be around and computers once we leave on our honeymoon. So have a blast, and I’ll see you all (err.. read your blogs/comments) when I get back in September.


goes to lurk on some of the other blogs before he actually signs off…

T -61 days and counting

Things are really starting to fall into place. In a little under 2 calendar months, I’m getting married to my best friend, and the love of my life.

It still seems a bit surreal. Wonderful, but surreal. I haven’t started freaking out yet, (nor do I think I will,) but it’s beginning to take shape as a reality in my mind as opposed to one of those nebulous concepts of “when i get married one day…”