What is your D&D alignment?

Found this personality test on the WotC website. It’s supposed to be used to get an idea of how your character might react in different situataions, but I took it for myself.

Appearantly I’m Neutal Good.

I’m tempted to take it again to see if I can be more evil.

(link via Defective Yeti via Daddy Types)

why kids and parentling? see the path I took to get to the test…

His Auntie would be so proud.

I haven’t been posting much about Justin’s growth and development here lately. (I’m also woefully behind with the whole picture posting thing.)

frostedlexicharm has been posting lots about eil and boy wonder, and I don’t want our blogs to turn into an “oh yeah well my baby does…” battle. I know they probably wouldn’t, but hey- better safe than sorry.

Anyway, he’s doing well. If anyone want’s more details I might summarize recent events in a comment, or something.

Now to address the title of this entry. Spinach and Justin do not get along well. His aunt (my sister) would be so proud. Maybe. You see, he seems to like it just fine, (unlike his aunt.) The problem is that his face and arms break out in a mild rash when we feed it to him. So we’ll back off on spinach for now and try again at a later time.

i wonder what we should introduce next.

No, I am NOT "baby-sitting" him.

He’s my son, god-damnit.

Why do people use the term “baby-sitting” for a father who is watching/caring for thier newborn? Baby-sitting is what you do when it’s not your kid.

Despite the silly gas-station attendant, (who made the baby-sitting comment) Justin and I had a nice adventure today. I’d write more, but the point of this post was to vent a bit about the “baby-sitting”, and it sounds like Justin just woke up from his post-adventure nap.

As promised, more pictures

I called my sister today about something unrelated, and the first thing out of her mouth wasn’t “Hello” – but that’s because she usually greets me with a “Mahalo”.

The SECOND thing she said was: “What’s big idea not having Justin’s Halloween costume pictures up yet?”

So as promised, new pictures are up. (clicky clicky) We didn’t get as many pictures as I had hoped of the baby dragon, but we got a few. (And I suppose we could put him in the costume again to get more.)

Tomorrow is “shots” day. Won’t that be fun?

(edit: when proofreading a post, it helps to actually read it.)

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We didn’t find an owl costume…

or get our acts together in time to make one, so Justin will be making his first Halloween appearance as “Baby Norbert” (a dragon.) Pictures to follow sometime in November.

My wife wants me to point out that while I completely struck out on the online Halloween Costume Shopping front, (no owls anywhere, and no dragons that weren’t already sold out,) she was able to find a place that still had dragon costumes with enough time to get it shipped before halloween.

Yes, we will be making a brief appearance at next week’s Gaskell’s Ball. We probably won’t stay much longer than one set, but if you want to see us, look for the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw students toting around a baby dragon. (What? It’s period; Hogwarts has been around for a thousand years…)

Cleaning out the Camera

I was going through the pictures on the digital camera and realized that there are a few shots I meant to put up, but hadn’t until just now.

The last 2 pictures on page 7 are from Justin’s first trip to San Francisco. Jenny (behind the camera) and her sister, Becky spent last Saturday afternoon at Pier 39. I didn’t go because I was at work, and the trip was a “spur of the moment” idea.

Yeah, most of my posts recently have been of the “new pictures up” variety. Deal.

He rolled over!

Justin rolled over this morning. Both Jenny and I missed it. I was asleep, and Jenny was on the computer. She put him down in the middle of a blanket on the floor for some tummy-time, and a couple minutes later when she looked over, he was on the edge of the blanket and on his back!

He hasn’t given us a repeat performance yet, but we’re both pretty excited.

Tiny update

A couple of new pictures have been added. (There will be more next week, as we’re taking a trip to Petaluma)

Justin had his 1 month checkup with the doctor Tuesday. He’s healthy and normal, and the pediatrician gave us a couple ideas and a book recomendation. (I’d post it here, but I don’t rmember the title off-hand – I’ll add it in a comment)

If anyone is curious, Justin is now 10lb 8oz.

Jenny called me a little while ago. It seems Justin can now roll from is back on to his side, but hasn’t quite figured out how to get all the way over to his tummy yet.