Watch out! Jumpgate Rant:

I really wish people would spend less time bitching about patch 1.0037 and just play the friggin game.

Yeah, there are balance issues that need to be addressed – in the last couple of days, we’ve seen a major outbreak in Wynar’s Syndrome.

I guess I should stop reading Gossip’s Planet Jumpgate and 3DO’s JG-BBS for a while, but I’m looking for some RP news stuff. Some reason I should bother logging some flight hours this week.

I also wish 3DO had kept a couple more of the GMs – Yes, I think GM_Mother is doing a kick ass job under the circumstances, but there is only so much on person can do. Just imagine what his inbox must look like. Scary.

Over Worked and Underpaid / Under appreciated. I know what that’s like. It sucks.

Why did I post this here instead of on JG-BBS or PJG? Because I didn’t feel like it.


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Testing something…

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Dec 13th 2001, 18:55 GMT

Oooh – Mindless Ramblings. I’m good at those.

Gossip, what’s to stop people from posting whatever kind of garbage they want, and having it available on the front page?

What if I decided to link to Gossip’s BIg Big site of goat pr0n would that work?

Ah – wait, that would be: Gossip’s BIg Big site of goat pr0n wouldn’t it?

One would hope that people will be civilized…

[edit]Okay, so I didn’t read the explanations first – your quarantine solution is pretty cool. Will we have a way to report abuse? If this site really takes off, you’ll be hard pressed to keep up with the quarantines.[edit]

BTW, I love your browser requirements line down at the bottom.

Is this enough mindless rambling yet? Good I should get back to exploring the site a bit.

One thing I noticed, the [Read More] link stumped me for a sec, I didn’t immediately realize that meant there was more to the blog – I thought it meant someting more along the lines of “more by the same author”

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