Apr 12th 2002, 20:52 GMT

I Want One of These:

Volumetric 3-D Display

I’m not entirely sure what I’d do with it, but I want one none the less.

I don’t think I’d ever be able to afford one. The hardware itself is $45,000. Maybe something like this will be mass market in a decade or 2.

(Thanks to Penny Arcade for the link.)

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3 thoughts on “Apr 12th 2002, 20:52 GMT”

  1. Well, that volumetric display sure is nice, but i’d still prefer a SGI CAVE. While costing a couple hundred grands more, it provides what this volumetric 3D-display can’t: (nearly) complete immersion.

    Aww, imagine everyone had such a CAVE thingy, and it would be possible to combine it with the CUBE 3d-engine… what a great immersive ‘net technology one could make! Just think of it: there
    would be this huge sort of “continuum” thing, which would be, essentially, the ‘net. Now everybody logging into it could form it, create his own online realm, shape virtual matter as a sole artist or in cooperation with others.
    I think we’d see some really awesome stuff out there then.
    It may be a bit hard to combine it with the textual 2d content that is the net now, though.
    (Note: this fantasy of mine is heavily inspired by the “Serial Experiments: Lain” anime… everyone who has seen it will understand! In particular, i am thinking of the dying professor’s sunlit refuge in the episode KIDS…)

    *sigh* i guess though things like that shall remain fantasy for quite some time to come…

  2. hehe that brings back memorys from last summer. Running Quake in the NASA cave roxxors! Of course using it for fluid dynamics, radiation, learning modules, etc seemed more productive for the equipment. I tend to get sick quickly in these things though…

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