Mar 27th 2002, 01:31 GMT


Project due to launch today, and one of the people in another group (the LEAD no less) that should be here is “working” from home.

You’d think, knowing that today is the launch for phase one (its been on all of our schedules), he’d be here in case there was a problem. Guess what, there is – a rather simple problem for him to fix, but not remotely.

And don’t even get me started on the lack of testing time for phase two. Gossip may hate it at times, but I am SO glad I can punch… er… find holes in things quickly.

What would happen if I…? I love asking that question. 🙂

I’m not going to be a blue-haired freak for much longer, since I’m pulling it all out in frustration.

Okay, time to stop venting and go see if they’ve fixed the problems I’ve found yet.


Mar 23rd 2002, 00:04 GMT

I looks like the virus writers are gearing up for April First.

Today I have received no less than seven virus alerts from our corporate helpdesk. I’m begining to wonder if it’s not all just an elaborate hoax.

In anycase, I’ve updated my virus definitions, and will be running scans on the systems I’m “responsible” for before leaving tonight.

I think I’ll go back to reading Sluggy Freelance now.

Mar 8th 2002, 20:01 GMT

Hehehe – I just added myself to my “Foes” list.

I don’t know why, but I find it quite amusing to know that, here at least, I can tune myself out.


Edit: Damn you Goosip, I just spit soda (Coca-Cola of you care) all over my monitor and keyboard! Well, “spit” isn’t the appropriate verb, as the liquid was expelled from my body via the nasal passages (carbonation out the nose, ouch)- is there a word for that?

I just tried adding myself to my foes list, and burst out laughing when I read the error message.

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