I’m writing some quick and dirty (oh very dirty, I’m almost ashamed at how bad this PHP code I’m writing is…) web pages for a project at work.

One of them has a form that the user can either fill out and submit, or cancel. If the user clicks the cancel button, I’m firing a JavaScript function that will return the user to the index of the site.

The function name: nevermind()

I don’t know why that amuses me as much as it does.

On the east coast this week

A Room With a View

In case anyone is wondering where I am – I’m in New Jersey this week for work. I’m also going to be heading into New York to see a show on Broadway. 🙂

I flew out here last night (Sunday) and I’ll be flying back Saturday morning.

There’s talk of trying to keep me out her another week, I don’t think I’m going to for reasons that I may write more about tonight.

(I need to learn to hit the publish button…)

A fresh start

One of the email servers at work had a “little” problem with file system level corruption of one of the information stores. 50 users were affected, I was one of the 50. IT was unable to recover my mailbox, and they just recreated it in another information store. I was not caching mail on my PC, so as of right now I have lost all my email. It’s not lost forever. IT should be able to recover it from a backup, and if I REALLY need something, I can pull it out of our Digital Safe archive myself. (The fact that we are using a ZANTAZ Digital Safe is one of the reasons I was not keeping mail archived on my machine.)

It’s really refreshing to have a completly empty inbox, (well except for the test message that IT just sent) AND a completely empty calendar. (Yeah, THAT will last…) I think I may just tell IT not to bother trying to recover my mail.

I’m also tempted to completely wipe all of my personal email accounts and have a truly fresh start.

Brain Dead Work Tricks

I really should know better than to think that Visual Studio .NET and Visual Studio 6.0 can coexist on the same machine.

No Really, I should know better.

updtae: as pointe out in the comments you CAN have both on your machine at once. my VS6.0 installation “failed” but I can still use it. go figure.

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Just one more reason to use Mozilla Firefox

My company launched a brand new corporate intranet site this week.
In an effort to let everyone know about it, they did the following:

1. Gave a preview of the site at our last quarterly company meeting
2. Held a “name the new intranet site” contest. (Won by chutta incidentally)
3. Sent a multiple email messages out talking about some of the stuff you’ll be able to do on the new site
4. Added a countdown clock for the launch of the new intranet site on the old intranet site.
5. Brought in a photographer to take pictures of everyone for the new site.

We all knew it was coming. On launch day they also did the following:
1. Handed out mouse pads with the new intranet site name printed on them.

If you think I sound annoyed, you’d be right. I use Firefox at work for one very specific reason. (okay more than one, but stay with me on this…) I can configure multiple tabs to open when it launches. I have 4 tabs set up – one for the web monitor app for each lab that I work in, and one for the new “error monitor” app that is currently being developed to help us track down problems and prioritize which lab needs the most attention at any given time. It’s a very efficient way for me to work. IE can’t do this, but I do have each of monitor tools bookmarked.

The only time I ever even launched IE was when I needed to access something on the old intranet site. And that was only because parts of the old site ONLY worked with IE! (don’t EVEN get me started…) This no longer appears to be the case with the new site. (I haven’t found anything on it that breaks in FF yet.)

Wait, I also use it when I’m in the lab, because I don’t have authorization to install FF on the 300 or so servers that we are running. (tangent: I don’t have authorization to install BOINC either, but it would be awesome if I could. 300 machines crunching numbers for SETI@home??!! drool.)

Anyway, there is a “suggestion box” link on the front of the new intranet site. I’ve expressed my displeasure with this new “feature”. And in the mean time, I’m just going to lock my screen when I leave for the day instead of logging out. That way I won’t have to deal with IE launching when I log in any more.

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Update: They’ve turned off the logon script that resets my IE homepage for me. Never did receive a reply to my feedback. I wonder if it was planed that way all along…

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I really don’t want to be right.

If I’m right, it means that we have at least 2 weeks worth of work that will need to be redone.

I really don’t want to be right, but I’m afraid I might be.

And what really sucks is that I vocalized my concerns about this issue when it first came up (2 weeks ago). So if I’m right, I’ll at least have an “I told you so” – but I’d really rather not, in this case.


also: I need to get back into the habit of posting here. (how long have I been saying that now?)

returns to lurking in the corner and hoping that he’s wrong.

I should start playing volley-ball again

Volley-ball is one of my favorite leisure-time sports activities. I don’t neccissarily have the gratest skill, but its something that I really enjoyed playing during the summer or at company picnics and such. The only problem is that I get really competitive when it comes to playing.

I haven’t thought about playing volloey-ball for the longest time, but now I really want to. I wonder if it was the diving save I made in one of the labs as a piece of equipment that was being moved teeteered off the edge of the counter that did it…

I keep thinking to myself: “good dig!”