I should start playing volley-ball again

Volley-ball is one of my favorite leisure-time sports activities. I don’t neccissarily have the gratest skill, but its something that I really enjoyed playing during the summer or at company picnics and such. The only problem is that I get really competitive when it comes to playing.

I haven’t thought about playing volloey-ball for the longest time, but now I really want to. I wonder if it was the diving save I made in one of the labs as a piece of equipment that was being moved teeteered off the edge of the counter that did it…

I keep thinking to myself: “good dig!”

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One thought on “I should start playing volley-ball again”

  1. Yeah, volleyball is awesome, we played a bunch this last summer down at the boardwalk where they have nets up all the time. You should come down next spring/summer and show off your sandmunching saves!

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