What’s this? A Pyrimid Marketing Scheme?

I tend to trust UserFriendly so I clicked on a banner ad there that I would have ignored on just about ANY other website.

Now I’m probably just making things worse by taking the next step and posting this link: Get a free iPod

As I understand it, this is how it works:
1 Sign up for an account and pick which iPod you would like
2 Complete one of the site’s promotional offers
3 Refer 5 other people who must also complete 1 offer (and I assume, refer 5 of thier own people… and so on)
4 Have your selecetd iPod shipped to you

I’ve completed step 1. This post (with the link above) is my attempt at completing step 3. I haven’t decided which of the promotions is the least evil yet, so I’m holding off on setp 2.

Why am I doing this? Why the hell not?

Magpie RSS Parser

I had a very basic RSS parser ripped from a tutorial somewhere powering the syndication of my g-blog posts on my own website: http://www.hooloovoo.net/blog

I was never really happy with the code I had found, specifically the way it formatted the date. (I couldnt figure out how to get enything but the raw UTC timestamp from the DC:Date element of the feed items.)

Anyway, to make a long story short, I just rewrote my blog page using Magpie RSS as the feed parser. I’m much happier with the result, (and the php code that produced the result.)

Plus, if Gossip ever decides he’s bored and wants to start creating Atom feeds for G-blog, I can switch my input file with little or no effort. 🙂

(edit: preview damnit, preview!)

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As promised, more pictures

I called my sister today about something unrelated, and the first thing out of her mouth wasn’t “Hello” – but that’s because she usually greets me with a “Mahalo”.

The SECOND thing she said was: “What’s big idea not having Justin’s Halloween costume pictures up yet?”

So as promised, new pictures are up. (clicky clicky) We didn’t get as many pictures as I had hoped of the baby dragon, but we got a few. (And I suppose we could put him in the costume again to get more.)

Tomorrow is “shots” day. Won’t that be fun?

(edit: when proofreading a post, it helps to actually read it.)

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