Justin and Blue

Justin and Blue, originally uploaded by Hooloovoo.

Jenny and Justin went to the Santa Rosa mall to meet Blue this afternoon. As you can see, he had a blast. I didn’t go with them because I had rehearsal. “Rehearsal for what?” you ask. I’ll write more about that soon.

Look What Daddy Taught Me!

Look What Daddy Taught Me!, originally uploaded by Hooloovoo.

I was making faces at him the other day. He started making this one back.

I’m playing with ideas on incorporating photos into this blog. I tried posting an entry from within Flickr. It worked, but I’ve come back and edited it quite a bit from within WordPress. I think I can find a better way. (I guess it’s time to dig into the plugins again.

Does anyone think I should stop blogging about setting up my blog and start blogging?

updates forthcoming

I’ve pretty much been AFG-B for the last few months, and as I’ve stated in previous “I’m not dead, yet” posts, (of which this is another) I’m several months behind on gallery updates of Justin pictures. That changed this morning when I uploaded 37 images taken between Thanksgiving and Christmas of last year (the new photos start on the bottom row of page 10. This completes the set of pictures I plan to post for 2004, unless I get some good shots from friends and have permission to post them. If I do, I’ll go back and slot them into what’s already there in chronological order.

Part of what’s been causing me to procrastinate is the fact that I have several hundred images to pick through and process, so I was feeling a little overwhelemed thinking about how much I’d have to do to get everything up to date. Meanwhile, we were (and still are) taking more pictures which only serves to compound the problem. Last night I realized (or rather, decided) That I didnt’ have to do the entire update at once. I set myself a goal of finishing off November and December, and got the images chosen, rotated (as needed) and resized in a couple of hours. (There were lots of “baby’s first christmas” photos to go through.)

Long story short: I’ve started updating my gallery again, and I’ll be working through the backlog in smaller, more manageable chunks.

(Who knows, I may even start posting here more regularly…)

As promised, more pictures

I called my sister today about something unrelated, and the first thing out of her mouth wasn’t “Hello” – but that’s because she usually greets me with a “Mahalo”.

The SECOND thing she said was: “What’s big idea not having Justin’s Halloween costume pictures up yet?”

So as promised, new pictures are up. (clicky clicky) We didn’t get as many pictures as I had hoped of the baby dragon, but we got a few. (And I suppose we could put him in the costume again to get more.)

Tomorrow is “shots” day. Won’t that be fun?

(edit: when proofreading a post, it helps to actually read it.)

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Cleaning out the Camera

I was going through the pictures on the digital camera and realized that there are a few shots I meant to put up, but hadn’t until just now.

The last 2 pictures on page 7 are from Justin’s first trip to San Francisco. Jenny (behind the camera) and her sister, Becky spent last Saturday afternoon at Pier 39. I didn’t go because I was at work, and the trip was a “spur of the moment” idea.

Yeah, most of my posts recently have been of the “new pictures up” variety. Deal.