If I don’t write this, it will bug me all day

I’m supposed to be writing test documentation reports right now. Only I’ve got the beginnings of some dumb parody song stuck in my head.

Squiddo is selling chocolate to raise money for summer camp. I brought one of the boxes to work. On the way in, before I dropped the boys off at school, “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” came up on the shuffled play lists. So of course my brain started coming up with alternate lyrics. I need to push this off the stack so I can go back to the reports I’ve got to get done.

“Do You Want to Buy Some Chocolate?”
(To the tune of “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?”

Do you want to buy some chocolate?
It’s a fund raiser for my kid.
He wants to go to summer camp
so he’s selling sweets
to help him pay his way-

It used to be much cheaper
to go to camp,
but now it costs much more!
So do you want to buy some chocolate?
It doesn’t have to be some chocolate,
I’ve got Twizzlers, too.

Things My Three-Year-Old Has to Say

The Squiddo is like any other toddler. Talkative, opinionated, and sometimes, too darn smart for his own good. The quotes below have all been heard coming from our little guy in recent weeks. It’s a good thing he’s so cute, or some of these would be infuriating.

Ok, guys. Just relax!

Daddy, can you carry me just like a baby?

My ‘jammas are all crazy!

I think… (long pause as he chews) I don’t like it.

I’m Buzz Lightyear! And you’re Batman. and Mommy is Spiderman

Daddy’s kind of grumpy.

Yeah, it *IS* a good idea

I WIN THIS TIME! Nice try Daddy, maybe next time.

How about a Family Hug?!

I’m a cooking guy! Just like Daddy!

But, by far, our recent favorites are:

I’m going to be a big brother!

There’s a baby in Mommy’s tummy!

cute phone call

I’m at work.

My cell phone rings with the “family” ringtone.

The caller ID says its my wife.

I push the accept call button. “Hello?”

“Baaaa beee buuu shaaaee dak?”

I smile. “Hi, little guy.”

“Sooommm mek gaaab doo daaa pbbbth.”

“Oh yea?”

“Deeee baad sshuuug maag gep. ”

I expect my wife to take the phone back, since I thought she called and was letting Justin do the greeting. “Where’s Mommy? Justin, can I talk to Mommy?”

“Booo bo baaak meeg shaal ek!”

“Justin, does Mommy know you have her phone?’

Theres a sound like he’s slobbering on the phone, then in the background I hear my wifes voice: “Wha..” and then the call ends.

I wait a couple of seconds, grinning, then call back. My wife answers the phone.

“Hi, I just got a phonecall from our son.”

“Yeah the little turkey had it when I came out of the bathroom. I thought he was just playng with it at first, but then I realized he was actually talking to someone.”

“Well, i just wanted to make sure you knew he had your phone, and that it was me he called.”


“At least he didn’t call Germany or something.”

She laughs, “Yeah.”

“I love you, I’ve got to get back to work.”

“Love you too, see you tonight.”

The call ends. I’m still grinning, and I think about how much more fun a call like that will be when I can actually understand what he’s trying to tell me.

The Cutest Thing

Justin is fascinated with the kittens, (For those that don’t know – that would be Briarwood and Agapantha – our 2 six-year-old Tabbys) and now that he is finally getting the concept of “gentle”, Pantha will actually let him pet her. (I still need to keep an eye on him when he does because he still has a tendency to grab her tail and try to pull her closer…)

Briar, on the other hand, is still very wary of the baby. (Excuse me, the toddler. He’s walking now.) Justin tries to get close to Briar and ends up following him around the living room and kitchen until Briar jumps the baby-gate to safety.

Justin was just doing that a few minutes ago actually, but I realized he wasn’t trying to pet Briar, Justin was trying to share one of his puffed grain baby finger-food snacks with him.

I guess he’s trying to make friends. It was too adorable. I just had to share.

(Too bad Briar isn’t interested in making new friends…)

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updates forthcoming

I’ve pretty much been AFG-B for the last few months, and as I’ve stated in previous “I’m not dead, yet” posts, (of which this is another) I’m several months behind on gallery updates of Justin pictures. That changed this morning when I uploaded 37 images taken between Thanksgiving and Christmas of last year (the new photos start on the bottom row of page 10. This completes the set of pictures I plan to post for 2004, unless I get some good shots from friends and have permission to post them. If I do, I’ll go back and slot them into what’s already there in chronological order.

Part of what’s been causing me to procrastinate is the fact that I have several hundred images to pick through and process, so I was feeling a little overwhelemed thinking about how much I’d have to do to get everything up to date. Meanwhile, we were (and still are) taking more pictures which only serves to compound the problem. Last night I realized (or rather, decided) That I didnt’ have to do the entire update at once. I set myself a goal of finishing off November and December, and got the images chosen, rotated (as needed) and resized in a couple of hours. (There were lots of “baby’s first christmas” photos to go through.)

Long story short: I’ve started updating my gallery again, and I’ll be working through the backlog in smaller, more manageable chunks.

(Who knows, I may even start posting here more regularly…)

Such. A. Geek.

So I took a photo of Justin a couple of months ago where he had rolled over in his yellow ducky blanket in such a way that it looked like he was wearing a hooded cloak. A buddy of mine saw it and said, “I could totally PhotoShop a lightsaber into his hand…” He did, and went a little beyond that. He sent me the picture last week along with the layered file so I could tweak as needed for different print dimensions.

I printed a 4×7 for myself, and an 8×10 for my sister-in-law, who happens to be a Yoda fan. She says this is the best Yoda in her collection.

I contributed the original photo of Justin, and a re-worked his lightsaber’s blade effect. (The original had a core that was darker blue with a white glow.)

Kevin took the photos of Jenny and myself (from our wedding if I’m not mistaken) and created the montage, (or would this be a collage?) The Star Wars logo and artwork were gathered off the web, (and are used without permission… shhhh)

Justin is going to think we are total freaks when he is older. But that’s okay by me. 🙂

Anyway, I now present Padawan Justin:

(click thumbnail to be taken to larger image.)

(And yes, I know I STILL haven’t updated his gallery. I’m about 6 months behind at this point.)

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