Justin and Blue

Justin and Blue, originally uploaded by Hooloovoo.

Jenny and Justin went to the Santa Rosa mall to meet Blue this afternoon. As you can see, he had a blast. I didn’t go with them because I had rehearsal. “Rehearsal for what?” you ask. I’ll write more about that soon.


I want to talk about the movie, but I don’t want to deal with spoilers for folks that haven’t seen it (or the Firefly tv series)

As I just told a friend via IM, I think they did good job of it for people that havent seen any of the show, but if you’re planning to watch Firefly, you should finish the entire series before you see the movie. It will make the funny parts funnier and a lot of the character intereactions will make more sense.

Anyway, I really enjoyed Serenity. That said, some parts of the storyline bothered me, (not going to say what – spoilers abound) but I have a question: Is it just me, or did Mr. Universe feel like a “Big Damn Plot Device”?

One more link, and then I’m really gone…

Here’s one for all you Stargate: SG1 fans…

SGC Dailing Program

I came across it when I was trying to find a screensaver that looked like the computer screens in the SGC when the gate is idle. The link above is the closest I found, and you can prevent random incoming wormholes by hitting the PGDWN key while the gate is inactive, effectively making it a screensaver (which you have to launch manually)

Kind of neat, even if the download is a pain in the a**

To Be Continued? Wha?

I just watched the Farscape series finale on the SciFi channel.

Now, I must admit, I never really followed the show that closely. But I did watch enough of it over the last few years to get the basic gist of what was going on.

Anyway – when the decision was made to end the series, you think they could have at least gone back to the editing room and removed the “To Be Continued” from the last shot of the episode. Seems like kind of a slap in the face to the loyal Farscape fans.

Or maybe I’m missing something.

Chipset could give sight to the blind


I had a friend in gradeschool who was blind since birth. This technology might not be able to help her, but it is an interesting medical technology nonetheless.

Maybe someday Geordi’s VISOR will be a real technology.

rfoy: gocrf ;oml

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Edited on Sep 18th 2002, 18:46 by Hooloovoo

Aug 7th 2002, 17:50 GMT

Hello. My name is Hooloovoo, and I watch MTV’s “The Real World”

It’s been years since I stopped watching that show, but recently MTV aired an all “Real World” weekend. I watched a couple of seasons worth of episodes. I’m not sure why I find this show appealing. I guess it’s like watching a train wreck. At least that’s what I tell myself. If that’s true, why do I feel sorry for Irene? Why was I genuinely pissed at Steve, but glad he went through anger management. Why am I referring to these people/characters as if I know them?

Last night, I watched “The Real World Movie” a made-for-mtv thing featuring “the lost season” that was never aired. (It was fake.) Totally cheesy, very “Blair Witch”-esque, almost as if MTV was trying to make fun of itself, but not quite pulling it off.

Worse yet, I recorded the thing. I might end up watching it again someday. Help me.

I wish I could find something besides crap like “The Real World” on TV. There are a couple of shows I like, and will make an effort to catch. I’m sure there are others out there – but most of the stuff on US television these days is crap.