Aug 7th 2002, 17:50 GMT

Hello. My name is Hooloovoo, and I watch MTV’s “The Real World”

It’s been years since I stopped watching that show, but recently MTV aired an all “Real World” weekend. I watched a couple of seasons worth of episodes. I’m not sure why I find this show appealing. I guess it’s like watching a train wreck. At least that’s what I tell myself. If that’s true, why do I feel sorry for Irene? Why was I genuinely pissed at Steve, but glad he went through anger management. Why am I referring to these people/characters as if I know them?

Last night, I watched “The Real World Movie” a made-for-mtv thing featuring “the lost season” that was never aired. (It was fake.) Totally cheesy, very “Blair Witch”-esque, almost as if MTV was trying to make fun of itself, but not quite pulling it off.

Worse yet, I recorded the thing. I might end up watching it again someday. Help me.

I wish I could find something besides crap like “The Real World” on TV. There are a couple of shows I like, and will make an effort to catch. I’m sure there are others out there – but most of the stuff on US television these days is crap.

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3 thoughts on “Aug 7th 2002, 17:50 GMT”

  1. I don’t watch TV with exceptions of few scifi shows I prefer to download w/out commercials in them anyway.

    Stop watching TV overall–it will free up lots of time to sleep, eat, read, write or do other stuff you enjoy. I mean it.

  2. I’m with Lil. FanBoy have a TV in our house for one reason: Big monitor for our videos/DVDs/console games. We don’t watch much TV, unless I’m over at a friend’s house. Then I sucked into Friends very easily or whatever else is on.

    When Enterprise starts up its new season, I will have to find a friend’s house to watch it, because it is the only show that I refuse to miss.

    Course, I used all my “free” time on War3 and other such games.

    But I understand about the RealWorld stuff. I watched a couple of seasons early on. But I stopped ’cause it felt so fake. I’m happier that I did, especially with the Surivivor trend that followed in its wake. Sigh.


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