Aug 6th 2002, 22:41 GMT

It’s basically done.

Except for a couple of funky IE rendering quirks that I’m looking at, hlvdn_blues is pretty much ready to go.

So, ah what should I call it?

House of Blues
Something Else?

I am planning to create some variations, and I’d like to keep a consistent naming scheme. Any suggestions?

Before I forget – here’s the screenshot:
Edit: I pulled the screenshots down, since the theme is now part of GLUE 1.0 RC1

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12 thoughts on “Aug 6th 2002, 22:41 GMT”

  1. That’s very cool.

    I don’t have any creative ideas, but your name hool_blues seems to hit it just right.

  2. interesting – I kind of like that one – but does it work as well for the other themes I will (probably) build?


    see where I’m going with this?

    BTW hlvdn stands for hooloovoo dot net which is why I was kind of leaning in that direction.

    I want to imply that these are part of a set, but I want the each name to also make some sense on it’s own.

  3. How about “hooloodeck_blue”? 😉

    (Yes, this was the sorry attempt of making a funny ST:TNG related pun. I apologize.)

  4. I like the theme. No idea about the name, call it potatoes for all I care–it’s visually gorgeous, and that’s what we’ll all be looking at. 🙂

    Though hool_blue sounds good. Not sure about other ones you plan to build. 😛

  5. I like hool_blue becuase its seems important to you to have your name as an author in there, as well as a running theme for all of them.

    If that’s not needed: House of Blues is kinda cute. I’d have to see the others to give them each their own name.


  6. Well – the next few will be based off of the themes on, just like this one is. I will be porting “greys” and “greens” for sure. I haven’t decided on porting “reds” yet, I don’t like it as much. Maybe I’ll try doing that Rose theme everyone keeps asking for instead.

    How about these:

    House of Blues
    Stormy Night
    Salsa Verde
    Rose Garden (If I do it)

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