I love/hate the 90s

VH1 has recently been producing a series of Decade Nostalgia shows.

I enjoyed “I love the 80s” and “I love the 80s Strikes Back” and got a kick out of “I love the 70s”, but I wasn’t sure I’d want to watch “I love the 90s”. I don’t think we are far enough away from that decade to really look back upon it with nostalgia just yet.

Of course that didn’t stop me from watching the 1993 episode when I came across it while flipping channels this weekend. I now have another reason not to watch any more of the I love the 90s series: I have chorus for “Informer” stuck in my head. Its been there for the last 2 days and I can’t get rid of it.

The problem is that I never could understand the lyrics to that song, so singing through the song once or twice (my usual method of un-sticking a song) won’t work. I did a search for the lyrics, but that doesn’t help much either, because I can’t fit them into the rhythm that is stuck in my head.

My only hope now is to find the song online at some free music streaming site, or try to get another song stuck in my head instead (preferably, one that I know the words to)


Random Pixels

A camera, alone in the world. Each Randompixel camera was given to a stranger. Stickers on the camera instruct the recipient to take a few pictures and pass it along. When the camera is done, it is dropped in the mail, it returns home, and the pictures are posted here.

Random Pixel recently posted pictures from a camera, “Ammy”, which started off at a Gaskell’s Ball in 2000. Some of you may see some familiar faces

Found Magazine


we collect FOUND stuff: love letters, birthday cards, kids’ homework, to-do lists, ticket stubs, poetry on napkins, doodles- anything that gives a glimpse into someone else’s life. anything goes.

we certainly didn’t invent the idea of found stuff being cool. every time we visit our friends in other towns, someone’s always got some kinda unbelievable found note or photo on their fridge. we wanted to make a magazine so that everyone can check out all the strange, hilarious and heartbreaking things people have picked up.

Some People…

So, I’m looking at some printouts at my desk, and decide I could do with a bit more light. I reach over to turn my desklamp on and nothing happens.

I examine the lamp more closely and realize that someone’s stolen the lightbulb, out of my lamp, which is sitting on my desk. What the hell?

I thought briefly about bitching to the company-bulk mailing list, but that never has the desired response. I would have just started a chain of smart-ass replies. 1/8 of the company would feel obliged to share thier remarkable wit, (“The lights are on but nobody’s home..” , “Who’s bright idea was that?” , “Huh heheh huhhuh – you said ‘bulb'”, and worse – ad infinitum.) 1/8 would send “please quit with the stupid replies” to the jokesters, but it would go to the whole company, (since they don’t know the difference between “Reply” and “Reply to all” in Outlook,) and 3/4 of the company (the remainder) would laugh, then get annoyed, and then update thier filters to block the rest of the thread – not neccisarly in that order.

Instead, I went down to see the nice folks in facilities. I told them what happened, and after sharing my exasperation with the annonymous bulb-filtcher, they gave me 2 new bulbs. Now I have a spare in case the first one burns out, (or someone steals it again.)

Now I’m tempted to send a message to company bulk that says:

To all those that might be interested: The next time the bulb in your desklamp burns out, feel free to contact facilities for a replacement. They have plenty on hand, so you shouldn’t feel the need to take the one out of the lamp on your neigbor’s desk.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the web team.

But again, I’d just succeed in annoying 3/4 of the company. So I’m bloogging it instead.

At least they didn’t take the bulb from my Lava-Lamp.

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A small world come full-circle

Jenny and I went to the Gaskell’s Halloween Masquerade this evening. We brought chutta along with us, and thanks in part to that mask you see below, we finally met FanBoy and Zhaneel in person.

(I’m changing my profile image – here’s the mask I refer to)

We’ve pretty much been just missing each other for the last year or so. We’d skip a dance they were going to or vice-versa. Anyway, we were all there this evening. I was wearing my mask when Zhan and FanBoy came in the front door. Zhan saw it as she was greeting some other friends, waved to me and tentatively called out “Hooloovoo?”

We introduced ourselves to each other before scurrying off in different directions prior to the dance. A few moments later, chutta said: “You’ve already met him, I think…” (reffering to FanBoy)

It’s true: FanBoy and I were both part of “Barely Legal” a Rocky Horror Piscture Show cast that performs in the SF Bay Area. I didn’t recognize him because the last time I’d seen him he had much longer hair, (which was cut earlier this year) but we chatted about it a bit later in the evening. (When Jenny’s sister tried to introduce us…again. Ha!)

So, to recap:
FanBoy used to work lights for a RHPS cast in the late-ninetys
Hooloovoo joined that cast in the later-ninetys (as the tranny “Rainbow Rob”)
Hooloovoo met his future wife through mutual friends at Rocky
FanBoy left the cast
Hooloovoo and Jenny went on “permanent hiatus”
FanBoy and Zhaneel find this game called Jumpgate and a community site: PJG
Hooloovoo finds this game called Jumpgate and a community site: PJG
Gossip (who ran PJG) starts up G-Blog.net, through which we discover that we all go to Gaskell’s
A year later we finaly meet up, and realize that we had in fact first met several years before.

Funny how things work out, sometimes.

Anyway, Jenny and I had a great time at Gaskell’s. Zhan, I apologize for leading you into a couple of traffic jams during that Gallop. FanBoy, it was good to meet you– again. 🙂 And it’s good to finally be able put faces (and a real names) to the blogs. 🙂 Hope to see you at the next dance.

Methinks it’s time for bed now.

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Aug 7th 2002, 17:50 GMT

Hello. My name is Hooloovoo, and I watch MTV’s “The Real World”

It’s been years since I stopped watching that show, but recently MTV aired an all “Real World” weekend. I watched a couple of seasons worth of episodes. I’m not sure why I find this show appealing. I guess it’s like watching a train wreck. At least that’s what I tell myself. If that’s true, why do I feel sorry for Irene? Why was I genuinely pissed at Steve, but glad he went through anger management. Why am I referring to these people/characters as if I know them?

Last night, I watched “The Real World Movie” a made-for-mtv thing featuring “the lost season” that was never aired. (It was fake.) Totally cheesy, very “Blair Witch”-esque, almost as if MTV was trying to make fun of itself, but not quite pulling it off.

Worse yet, I recorded the thing. I might end up watching it again someday. Help me.

I wish I could find something besides crap like “The Real World” on TV. There are a couple of shows I like, and will make an effort to catch. I’m sure there are others out there – but most of the stuff on US television these days is crap.

Jul 24th 2002, 17:54 GMT

I found this [Link] off of Dom’s rant on Megatokyo this morning. Makes for some interesting reading.

I think the categories chosen to put this entry in will make sense if you read it.

Oh yeah – it’s text-only, a blog about a video store clerk’s daily adventures, but may not be sutible for work, or small children.

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