Jul 24th 2002, 17:54 GMT

I found this [Link] off of Dom’s rant on Megatokyo this morning. Makes for some interesting reading.

I think the categories chosen to put this entry in will make sense if you read it.

Oh yeah – it’s text-only, a blog about a video store clerk’s daily adventures, but may not be sutible for work, or small children.

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2 thoughts on “Jul 24th 2002, 17:54 GMT”

  1. I read through the whole thing and was shocked, amused, and really impressed with the writing style. You can tell this woman desperately wants to move on, but for whatever reasons this job is the only thing she is doing with her life.

    I hope she moves on to whatever she wants most. I do have to say that I never had the glimpse of people that she does. I don’t think I could take that job, even as a guy.

    Interesting, but also disturbing at the same time.

    Thanks for posting the link though – made for an interesting read!

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