Rafting Photos

I got the first of my rafting photos back.

This set is from one of the professional photographers in the area. Basically, as you are going down the river, there are stations set up at some of the more popular rapids. A photographer snaps a few shots, and you can go look at proofs the next day. Order the ones you want, and they are mailed to you a few weeks later.

There are 3 companies that had photos of us. This one works digitally, so the turn-around time is much faster than the others — and you can view and order additional prints online.

This is from a series of 6 photos that were just delivered on CD-ROM. (I took the time to resize and upload them to my web server. If you want to see larger versions, let me know.) I’ll be creating an interface to view the others on my web site. However, I’ve re-named them in a logical fashion, so you can probably figure out the URIs for the others without too much work. 🙂

I’m in the back of the boat, on the side closest to the camera. The dude up in the air was the guide. He was toying with the idea of doing a back-flip into the river at the bottom of this rapid. He bailed at the last second.