Jul 2nd 2002, 19:27 GMT

I already want to rework the design used on my website. There are a couple of rendering problems I’m going to try and fix while still maintaining valid code. (That reminds me, I should run the site thrugh the W3C validator and make sure it is actually valid…)

Update1: With a couple of minor fixes, (like specifying the character encoding,) the site now validates as HTML 4.0 Transitional. The CSS validates as well. Wheeee!

Update2: With a few more tweaks, the site now validates as HTML 4.01 Strict. (Except for the blog page.)

The page displays as intended in Mozilla 1.0 (Mac and PC). Opera 6 (PC) does a pretty good job of it, save for a problem with the page headlines. IE Mac (I foget which version is installed on that test machine) is better than IE 6 (PC) — but both are doing wierd crap to the margins. I think opera was doing something weird too – but it wasn’t as noticable as with IE.

I was afraid to open the page in NS4, and with good reason. I think I’m going to employ some of the techniques described on the WaSP and ALA websites to deal with that.

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