A fresh start

One of the email servers at work had a “little” problem with file system level corruption of one of the information stores. 50 users were affected, I was one of the 50. IT was unable to recover my mailbox, and they just recreated it in another information store. I was not caching mail on my PC, so as of right now I have lost all my email. It’s not lost forever. IT should be able to recover it from a backup, and if I REALLY need something, I can pull it out of our Digital Safe archive myself. (The fact that we are using a ZANTAZ Digital Safe is one of the reasons I was not keeping mail archived on my machine.)

It’s really refreshing to have a completly empty inbox, (well except for the test message that IT just sent) AND a completely empty calendar. (Yeah, THAT will last…) I think I may just tell IT not to bother trying to recover my mail.

I’m also tempted to completely wipe all of my personal email accounts and have a truly fresh start.

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