It’s password change day

Just as I was getting used to typing my old password, it’s time to change it again.


(oh yeah, and I’m not dead – just haven’t felt like writing much lately.)

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2 thoughts on “It’s password change day”

  1. Password Criteria:

    – passwords must be between 37 and 38 characters long
    – Must use all special characters at least once
    – Must not resemble any word or utterance from any human language
    – Must contain multiple five digit prime numbers
    – Must cook, clean, enjoy walks on the beach
    – Must provide world peace, and solve any future population problems

  2. 🙂

    Well our policy isn’t that bad, but a few of the rotating passwords that I’ve used in the past do not meet the current criteria. I so love tying to think up new ones.

    I’ve actually started doing something that was mentioned in the Securty Now! podcast (which I haven’t been keeping up on – I should dig through the archive at some point and get caught up…) Personal Password Policies. (Part 1 and Part 2)

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