Apr 17th 2002, 17:16 GMT

Ever have one of “those” days?

You wake up in the morning, feeling decent. Not great, since your cats/dog/kids/whaterver managed to keep you up too late, or woke you up too early, but decent.

Then things just start to go down-hill.

You’re running a little late getting out of the house, so you decide to skip breakfast, maybe grab something on the way to work. Then you hit traffic. You turn to the local AM traffic station on your radio, and find out that every one of the alternate routes you know is just as FUBARED as the one you’re on.

You resign yourself to the fact that you will be late to work and stick it out.

Then, you get to a toll booth, (In my case a toll both for a bridge,) and realize that you have just enough cash for the fare, but now you are faced with giving up breakfast, or becoming even more late as you try to find an ATM, and then run to a fast-food place. You again decide to skip it and just head into work.

You’re about 40min late, but that’s okay, at least you still have your job, which is better than what many of your co-workers learned when they got in.

Bleh. Today is not going well at all. At least I can still look forward to Red Dwarf Night.

(edited for gramatical errors.)

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