Apr 17th 2002, 17:16 GMT

Ever have one of “those” days?

You wake up in the morning, feeling decent. Not great, since your cats/dog/kids/whaterver managed to keep you up too late, or woke you up too early, but decent.

Then things just start to go down-hill.

You’re running a little late getting out of the house, so you decide to skip breakfast, maybe grab something on the way to work. Then you hit traffic. You turn to the local AM traffic station on your radio, and find out that every one of the alternate routes you know is just as FUBARED as the one you’re on.

You resign yourself to the fact that you will be late to work and stick it out.

Then, you get to a toll booth, (In my case a toll both for a bridge,) and realize that you have just enough cash for the fare, but now you are faced with giving up breakfast, or becoming even more late as you try to find an ATM, and then run to a fast-food place. You again decide to skip it and just head into work.

You’re about 40min late, but that’s okay, at least you still have your job, which is better than what many of your co-workers learned when they got in.

Bleh. Today is not going well at all. At least I can still look forward to Red Dwarf Night.

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12 thoughts on “Apr 17th 2002, 17:16 GMT”

  1. Owww… Sounds like a sucky day.

    Let me quote one of the expressions from “all I ever need to know I learned from my cat”:

    [Quote] Life is hard. Then you nap. [Quote]

    Think about it. Napping makes everything better.

  2. my last 2 weeks have been like that.

    i wrote a blog about it, but never posted it, as you’d all probably think that i need to be committed, and i probably would have gotten a lot of emails saying “don’t do it!” (or “do it” if they don’t care for me, i guess)

    last night though, after a day of being on the verge of crying all day at work (and it takes a lot for me to even get teary-eyed), i listened to a song that i hadn’t heard in a while (uncle kracker, better days) and it somehow made things all better for a little while… well, the booze helped too. That whole album is pretty good for a pick-me-up, i found out… if you like that kinda music, i guess. it’s definitely not “deep” music, just kinda pop-like and for some reason was perfect for the situation… i dunno.

    then again, music really effects me.

    i’m rambling.

    hope this eve/tomorrow is better for ya, mate.

  3. Thanks everyone. I needed to vent a bit this morning. This seems as good a place as any – just as long as I keep it sufficiently vague. šŸ™‚

    I just had a meeting with my new manager. (This is the 2nd time layoffs have left me basically stranded.) I’m taking a couple of days off to try and get my head on straight and see if I really want to stick around this place.

    The job market around here is sucking, so I’m probably not going to up and leave without having another position lined up first.

    I think many of us have been feeling quite a bit of work-related anxiety lately.

  4. Damn,

    One of my (ex)co-workers just gave me a little plastic figure.

    It’s in the shape of a native american hunter.

    She said: “Here you go, for the last little Indian.”

    Now I’m really depressed. Maybe I should just go home and do something constructive, like cook, or laundry, or clean and organize the compter/craft room. Or maybe I should just go blow stuff up… where’s my QuakeIII CD?

  5. Aye. Had some layoffs recently at my work as well.. plus we were “re-organized” last week to a different division. The new division is the one that’s been hit the hardest with layoffs in the past so.. *sigh*

    I’m with ya on the job-market sucking though. I’d love to get out of this town and move on to some place different anyhows, but i don’t think it’s the right time for anyone to ditch a job unless you’ve got one lined up ahead of time.

    good luck with getting your head on straight, be sure to post some pointers if you figure it out. i need all the help i can get šŸ™‚

  6. Funny you should say that about cleaning. that’s what i did last night. Drank some beers and listened to music while cleaning my entire apartment. i guess it’s like meditative or something for me… it always helps, and you feel better about yourself when you’re done.

    not to mention i can see the floor of my bedroom again šŸ™‚

  7. I’m so sorry. I’ve had the last week like that (see my blogs on my columns for a taste). And boy do I understand the tech industry in the Bay Area right now. That’s what FanBoy is facing too.

    And I’ve had a friend who finally left his compnay becuase they kept being late on paying him, then jerking him around, then not giving him his taxes forms. Sigh. So he’s looking for work too, but he’s not (quite) in the tech industry.

    My advice: Don’t leave that job until you’ve got another lined up. Regardless of how much you hate the job, the pay has got to better than unemployment and work is scarce right now. Hope you can stick it out. You must be good at what you do to avoid two layoff rounds.


  8. ekoo:
    Yes, cleaning can be quite therapudic – as can cooking, I find. (Lilith, got anymore recipies you feel like sharing? šŸ™‚ ) I think that’s what I’ll be doing for at least part of the day tomorrow.

    I’ve been reading your blogs, even if I don’t comment on them. šŸ™‚

    Thankfully, where I’m at right now hasn’t started doing goofy things with the payroll. If one of my paychecks ever bounces, you can beleive I will make tracks… even if it’s to a job at a starbucks or a kinkos or something. I had to deal with a company that did that too me right out of school. Not an experience I’m earger to repeat.

    I actually don’t hate my job. I like what I do, for the most part, and (up until today) the people I interact with on a daily basis are great. I’m just frustrated with the situation right now more than anything.

    I may start looking to see if there is anything out there, but I’m not going to leave until I have something lined up.

    Not that I’m counting, but I think that was round four. [The rest of this paragragh was removed during preview. The author feels that it could have gotten him in trouble, and has decided not to post it.]

    Thank you for the advice and the support. I am feeling a little bit better now.

  9. I’ve also been finding that what I like to call “maintenance” at home seems vastly more positive than sitting at work. Cleaning, cooking, messing about in the yard – all of those tasks provide more satisfaction and a greater sense of accomplishment than my job, which I pretty much detest. I sit at work all day wishing I was at home doing something “useful”.

    I know perfectly well that the solution is to change jobs, and I’m looking regularly. The tech market in the area is pretty grim, however, so I’ve so far managed to talk myself into hanging onto the job I’ve got. Difficult to keep a good attitude, though.

    Hang in there, guys. A lot of us are in, if not the same, very similar boats.

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