Jun 21st 2002, 17:36 GMT

w00t – sorta

The “Dell Certified” tech guy just called me. My part is in, and I just set up an appointment for between 3 and 5 pm today. (That would be GMT 22:00 and GMT 24:00 – I think)

That’s the “w00t” — here’s the “sorta”

He thinks the replacement board is exactly the same as what’s in the machine now – AGP 1.0 and all. I knew that was a possiblity, but I was hoping it’d be 2.0 compliant.

He didn’t sound too sure, so I’ll get the machine up and running with the old card, and then see if I can find a diagnostic utility that can tell me if the slot is AGP 1.0 or 2.0 compliant.

At least my machine will be back up and running.

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My system is now back up and runnning. Time to find out if this new board is AGP 2.0 compliant.

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6 thoughts on “Jun 21st 2002, 17:36 GMT”

  1. I thought of another item for the “w00t” column. I’m checking out of work early, which means I’ll be missing the commute traffic.

  2. w00t!!!!

    I’ve been off-and-on broadband the last couple of weeks. I’m mooching off Paul’s cable modem. We’ve been trying to get a wireless lan set up, but he hardware is not cooperating.

  3. well…having wired my whole appartment building, and providing internet to the whole house, good luck with wireless. I didn’t go with that option, mostly because I can find cable really cheap, as well as more costly NICs, and hub.

  4. Well, I’ve given up on the wireless for now. I just ran some cat5 to the hub in his computer room.

    Paul still wants to play around with the wireless access, I think mostly because he’s paid for the hardware and doesn’t want it to have been a waste of money.

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