Jun 26th 2002, 19:14 GMT

Man, there are days when I wish I could openly bitch about where I work in my blogs. I’d love to share some of the rediculous crap I have the “privelege” of dealing with on a day-to-day basis.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my job- a lot- but there are those days that just get to me. Of course I guess that’d be true just about anywhere.

Guess I just have to wait ’til I get home, then I can rant and rave all I want, and not have to worry about something posted online coming back to bite me in the ass.


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3 thoughts on “Jun 26th 2002, 19:14 GMT”

  1. I hear ya mate.. i hear ya ll too well.

    unfortunately i’ve “gone off” in the past, so it could feasibly come back to haunt me (it has happened on g-blog already, eh?).

    *starts surfing back through blogs, poised on delete*

  2. I think the key is to edit out any proper names, and keep things vague. That should keep everything secure, and protect your employer – which is all they care about.

    Most of us are probably under company rules to not access the Internet for personal use using company resources or on company time. If someone is bothering to monitor logs, and wants an excuse, it’s there no matter what you post.

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