I’m getting married in the morning…

well actually – the afternoon.

I’ve spent most of the day running around doing things to get ready (picking up tuxes, making sure everyone got to the rehearsal, etc.) We had the rehearsal and the dinner, and I’m still pretty calm. I don’t think I’m going to get nervous tomorrow – everything just feels right.

It still seems like things haven’t really sunk in yet. While I was standing in my place going over the pieces of the ceremony with the minister, Jenny, the groomsmen, the bridesmaids, our parents, and our readers – I still felt like I was just a stand-in for someone else. Tomorrow will be a different story, I’m sure.

I’m at my future in-laws’ house right now writing this, and then I’m going to go hang out with some friends, before getting a good night’s sleep so I’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed come tomorrow.

Anyway – I will not be blogging for a couple of weeks, since I will not be around and computers once we leave on our honeymoon. So have a blast, and I’ll see you all (err.. read your blogs/comments) when I get back in September.


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15 thoughts on “I’m getting married in the morning…”

  1. Having just got through this, I totally understand. I felt much the same way the day before, and I still had 1 or 2 really nervous moments on the actual day.

    Congrats, look foward to meeting you and new bride at Gaskell’s.


  2. Woo Hoo! Congratulations! Have fun in Alaska!

    (Uh, I do remember something about a honeymoon cruise with a detour in Anchorage correctly, don’t I?)

  3. Since he probably won’t be back for a bit… I was there.. saw the whole thing.. *sigh* nother one bites the dust.. wonderful ceremony, lots of fun, good times had by all and they both actually said “I do!”

    Congrats! See ya when ya get back.

  4. The one thing I hated was everyone asking “Are you nervous?” because, after a few days of that, you usually give in to the suggestion. Best of luck, and it doesn’t really sink in until you’re done and away on the honeymoon. I envy you going to Alaska (if that’s accurate) because I always thought it would be a very cool thing to see the ice floes and wildlife.

    Speaking of Alaska, one story I remember from somewhere – is that a couple got married on a ice floe, and the words that got me (thumps heart area) “right there” was when the priest said something to the effect of where they’ll get married, no one will set foot on again, as the ice constantly reforms and becomes something new, may this also be a guiding principle of your married life, renewing and living together.

    I’m mangling it, but it was certainly a unique sentiment.

  5. We’re back. πŸ™‚

    Much like Fanboy and Zhaneel, I’ll be writing a longer entry in a couple of days to talk about the ceremony and the honeymoon. (G-Rated version – of course.)

    First, to answer a few quick questions:

    @4 No – I was not nervous. I didn’t really have time to be. Nice relaxing morning, which included breakfast with a few of the people I hung out with the night before, and getting the keys for the bed and breakfast we were to stay that night*. Then off to the site to make sure things were ready. I had a lot of little things to do – set out the table cards, make sure the DJ had what he needed, put out the guestbook, etc. Then people started showing up. I had only a couple of minutes to myself as I was waiting to make my entrance with the minister. I examied myself and my feelings and realised I was excited more than nervous.

    @6 Yes we did go on a week-long Alaskan cruise. Left from Vancouver B.C. Monday with stops in Ketchikan, Jenau, Skagway, and ending in Seward. We were trying to work out a detour to Palmer (location of the state fair this year, and where my Aunt has a booth) before departing from the Anchorage airport for San Francisco, but that didn’t happen. We’ll just have to make another trip up to AK at some point. I also want to see a lot more of Canada.

    @9 I wasn’t nervous, but I did begin to wonder if I should have been, since (almost) everyone else seemed to think I should. I’ve been to Alaska a few times because I have family that lives there. There is some REALLY beautiful country up there. We had a great time.

    Anyway, it looks like I have some catch up reading to do.


    *More on the Bed and Breakfast, as well as other details about the trip to come.

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