I was just reading through the recent entries in the bash.org IRC quote database, when I cam across this little gem about the movie “The Usual Suspects” – it contains a spoiler about the movie, so I’ve taken the appropriate percautions.

#78874 +(29)- [X]

EchelonOverlord: Jeni’s gonna come watch Usual Suspects now.
Morwen K: ooh! has she seen it before?
EchelonOverlord: Nope.
Morwen K: coooool
EchelonOverlord: Oh yeah.
Morwen K: i’d invite myself along but i’m sure this is your together-time, so i won’t intrude 😉
Morwen K: plus i’d probably blurt out “it’s kevin spacey!!!” like halfway through
EchelonOverlord: What?! Kevin Spacey?!!
Morwen K: ..
Morwen K: fuck

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