Flame Warriors

One of the moderators on another forum pointed this link out to me claiming it described the forum’s users perfectly. It’s a collection of characatures of many of the personalities one is likely to encounter online.

I’ve seen many of these archetypes myself. On mailing lists, on message boards, on community blog sites…

I said this weekend, but then I got bored.

Lexi, you may be interested in this link: http://simpson.hooloovoo.net

(If you want to see what it’s going to look like, check out http://gallery.belknap-family.net Same software, different content. And you’ll be able to upload new images yourself 🙂

Update: After banging my head against some poorly written error codes, I finally got the software installed on the site, and set up a test gallery. I just got off the phone with Eric, who is now in posession of login information for the two of you.

See what happens when a computer geek’s wife gets off work late? Instead of cooking dinner, he plays with server configurations. 🙂

Okay back to dinner cooking for me – seafood and veggies in peanut sauce over noodles. Kinda of a half italian – half thai – half leftovers kind of thing. Wait… that’s 1½ of a dinner – I need 2… Oh, I forgot about the salad. There, that’s better. 🙂

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